Writing Out Loud: Social Construction of Reality

Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann examine how we make reality meaningful through our taken-for-granted habits and assumptions about the world. Ponder the questions below as you work through the reading.

Theme: Emergence Through Convergence


  1. What do Berger and Luckmann mean when they say that the reality of everyday life is an “intersubjective world”?
  2. Berger and Luckmann write that “society is a human product. Society is an objective reality. Man is a social product.” This pithy set of statements captures the three stages of social construction. Please explain each stage in your own words.
  3. Berger and Luckmann write about how habits emerging from social interaction lay the foundation for the construction of reality. Think back to your own experiences interacting over social media. What kinds of habits have you formed through online interaction, and how have they shaped what your online “reality” looks like?
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